The Lost Art Of Internet Conversation 2

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I’ve had some interesting conversations on good old Yahoo! Messenger. Not all of them have been insane but the vast majority of them have been and here are two examples of the mass ignorance of Men who use Messenger for hookups. [Remember, all Yahoo! ID’s have been changed to protect Ms. GD’s privacy]

Computer Lust:

Idiot 1 – 12:26 PM
hi there

Me – 2:02 PM
hi. who are you?

Idiot 1 – 2:02 PM
great and you

Me – 2:03 PM
i'm good thanks but i asked "Who" are you.

Idiot 1 – 2:03 PM
sorry, I'm _______________ and I live in League City

Idiot 1 – 2:03 PM
I work in the Medical Center

Me – 2:05 PM
hiya _______________. are you a doc? nurse? other?

Idiot 1 – 2:05 PM

Idiot 1 – 2:05 PM
IT Manager

Me – 2:06 PM
ah! a computer geek? lol

Idiot 1 – 2:06 PM

Idiot 1 – 2:06 PM
what do you do?

Me – 2:06 PM

Idiot 1 – 2:06 PM

Idiot 1 – 2:07 PM
are you open to meeting and getting to know each other?

Me – 2:08 PM
depends. are you a serial killer?

Idiot 1 – 2:08 PM
lol, no

Idiot 1 – 2:08 PM
but serial horny

Idiot 1 – 2:08 PM
don't bring your cat

Me – 2:09 PM
oh brother...

Idiot 1 – 2:09 PM
lol, you said it.

Me – 2:13 PM
well i'm not looking for sex but thanks for your interest!

Idiot 1 – 2:13 PM
sorry to bug you

Me – 2:14 PM
you aren’t buggin me. just not looking for random sex.

Idiot 1 – 2:14 PM
lol, cool

Me – 2:18 PM
yes...i am

Me – 2:22 PM
you're handsome! are you dating all those women on your profile?

Idiot 1 – 2:23 PM

Idiot 1 – 2:23 PM
none of them. lol

Me – 2:24 PM
aawwww man! and here i was thinking you were a stud!

Idiot 1 – 2:24 PM
lol, not at all

Me – 2:25 PM
maybe that’s why you're so damn horny? lol

Me – 2:29 PM
well Mr. Idiot I wish you luck with your search for some good lovin'. I'm off to take a wee nap. bye-bye!

Idiot 1 – 2:32 PM
sorry, I had to step away

Idiot 1 – 2:32 PM
bye bye

Trolling For Sex On A Cold Sunday Morning:

Idiot 2 – 11:32 AM
hi there...what part of houston you in??

Me – 11:33 AM
___________ area

Idiot 2 – 11:33 AM
okay...i'm on west side..

Me – 11:33 AM

Idiot 2 – 11:34 AM
well..I don't want to get zapped by your bad cat now also..

Me – 11:35 AM
and why would you? unless you're a horny SOB just out lookin for sex?

Idiot 2 – 11:35 AM
LOL.....ahhhh.....well...some of that is true I suppose too...

Me – 11:36 AM
just some? lol try ALL!

Idiot 2 – 11:36 AM
LOL...well...not a SOB for sure....

Me – 11:38 AM
ok so you admit to being horny and only interested in sex? particularly anonymous sex with easy women you find on yahoo?

Idiot 2 – 11:39 AM
not necessary in all of that...but yes...seeking a lady friend for some adult fun times also.....not seeking every and all women too..

Me – 11:39 AM
you're very naughty...LOL and horny

Idiot 2 – 11:40 AM might be right too...

Me – 11:41 AM
uh huh...well good luck with all that. there are plenty of women out there who fit the description of what you're looking for.

Idiot 2 – 11:41 AM
ohh there are huh....they must be hiding too...LOL..

Me – 11:42 AM
nope. just waiting for you to ask i'm sure! LOL there are lots of women with low self-esteem just waiting to be rolled in the hay! LMAO

Me – 11:43 AM
i should stop teasing you...LOL

Idiot 2 – 11:43 AM make it sound like such a joyous occasion the way...I'd like more than a 1 time roll in the hay too...

Idiot 2 – 11:44 AM
teasing never hurt anyone...but pleasing is much more enjoyable too..

Me – 11:44 AM
oh for heavens sake!

Idiot 2 – 11:45 AM

Me – 11:46 AM
That last line was kinds cute and an old school sort of way. well this fat girl is keeping for panties on so once again i wish you luck sweetheart!

Idiot 2 – 11:47 AM
LOL...well...we can always slide the panties to the side as we roll in the hay too...LOL...well...I'm kinda old school since I'm 47...LOL

Me – 11:47 AM
LOL no.

Idiot 2 – 11:47 AM
thanks for your time and wisdom then dear...

Me – 11:48 AM
bye! have a great day love!

Idiot 2 – 11:48 AM
you too.....wish my key unlocked your secret box too...

Me – 11:49 AM
well as the saying goes...if wishes were horses...

Idiot 2 – 11:50 AM
LOL.....guess so....never heard that one though...
I could make noises like a horse if that would help you too...LOL

Me – 11:53 AM
LMAO! That's tempting but no. Would I have to get naked or get naked and fuck you? On second thought never mind. I'll just go back to bed and masturbate and think about the possibilities. safer that way ya know. Bye! Later! Have a great day!

Idiot 2 – 11:54 AM
LOL...well....we both could be naked and masterbate in front of each other then too...LOL....but I'm not hung like a horse now either...hope that doesn't blow away your thoughts now...LOL

Me – 11:55 AM
no but you've given me tons of pre-masturbatory fantasy fodder so I thank you! Once again, BYE!

Idiot 2 – 11:56 AM
LOL...leave you smiling without any sex...what a guy I am...LOL..

Idiot 2 – 11:56 AM
there are those things called condoms too...

Idiot 2 – 12:00 PM
you should tell me more about your lovely self and hot masterbating body too...

Wasn’t that special? Gotta love a horny ass man right? It would help if he were hot, sexy and smart but as my Grandmother Diva used to say, that would be too much like right! – GD

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