Sunday Night Videos – 27

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Aaarrgh! Ms. GD is such a lazy, lazy Diva these days! But I managed to get it together long enough to scoop up a handful of Hot Ass Men for your enjoyment! So grab your WOOT! tickets, put on your hat and coat (‘cause it’s chilly outside) and hurry your ass on out to the train station. You don’t want to miss your ride on the Hot Ass Men Express do you? Yes…that’s what I thought…

Sexy Dex (The dread locked man in black) and his Triple Cross movie trailer

Watch it or you’ll put someone’s eye out with that honey!

Cute guy getting a tattoo…Hubba, Hubba!

This video is just one more thing to add to my “This would never happen to me in a million years!” file. Damn it all to hell!

The “Brown Brothers” in Australia don’t have enough shit to keep them busy. How fortunate for us! Brisbane Krump – Regulators Parody

And for the ladies who likey the bodybuilders, this brother’s body is off the chain!

Just 10 more bloody days until my happy ass raises the hell up out of Texas. California here I come! – GD

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