Embarrassing Black Folk?

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A family friend sent me an email with this list attached. I don’t agree with some of these (Wayne Brady cooning? Whatever! Diana Ross and her DUI? Having a substance abuse problem isn’t exclusive to black folk and neither is illiteracy so stop picking on Fantasia!) but many (But not all) of them are right on the money! What do you think of this list? Do you agree or disagree? Do you have any people you’d like to add to this list? Holla!

The Top 50 Black Americans Who Have Embarrassed The United States:

1. Flavor Flav and all the women that have ever appeared on the Flavor of Love (especially New York) - no explanation needed

2. Clarence Thomas - for having the audacity to desecrate the seat that was held by the late great Thurgood Marshall

3. Condoleeza Rice - self explanatory (but the fact that she was shopping for Ferragamo's when people were dying due to Hurricane Katrina was enough by itself to get her placed on the list.

4. Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown - too many reasons to count

5. Halle Berry in Monster's Ball - Billy Bob Thornton (need I say more)

6. DC snipers - Black people are not serial killers

7. Marion Berry - too embarrassing for words

8. Kobe Bryant - for snitching on Shaq (it's one thing to be a rapist, but to be a snitch on top of that is just taking it too far)

9. Rae Carruth - for having the audacity to hide his black ass in the trunk of a car in Nashville after having his baby mother killed

10. Terrell Owens - speechless

11. Mike Tyson - biting Evander's ear was enough to get him on the list

12. OJ Simpson - the Bronco ride by itself was enough to make the list

13. R. Kelly - pissing on little girls and having the audacity to record it

14. Puffy - cooning and shining and denying he's gay (DANG!) (and we not even going to mention the fact that he keeps stringing Kim Porter along, but his butt was crying over J.Lo)

15. The sister that cut the baby out of the pregnant woman and killed her other children by placing them in the washing machine and dryer

16. The entire Jackson family - Jermaine please let those fingerwaves go. Let's just take a moment of silence for Michael.

17. Armstrong Williams - for being on the GOP's payroll to praise No Child Left Behind when all it is doing is leaving children behind

18. Rodney King - "Can't we all just get along? "

19. 50 Cent - thinking he has enough clout to hate on Oprah. And for just being a punk and crying when someone talks to someone he doesn't like.

20. Wendy Williams - for always looking a Hot Ass Mess, and having the nerve to talk about other people

21. Dennis Rodman - too many reasons

22. Ice-T - for marrying a plastic Malibu Barbie named CoCo and swearing his old ass is a pimp

23. Diana Ross - for getting a DUI

24. The entire cast of Soul Plane - self-explanatory

25. James Brown - beating his wife and that infamous mug shot

26. Jesse Jackson - for the love child

27. Bishop Don "Magic " Juan - for portraying every stereotype that white people believe to be true about black people

28. Snoop Dog - for having those sisters on leashes at the MTV Music Awards and introducing the world to Bishop Don "Magic " Juan (and let's not even mention Girls Gone Wild)

29. Bob Johnson - for selling BET to the Man

30. The entire BET station and staff members - for giving us Un-Cut and for taking away BET news

31. Cuba Gooding Jr. - cooning and shining at the Oscars

32. Nelly - for the Tip Drill video

33. The Ms. Peachez videos – cooning and shining at its finest

34. Terry McMillan - for going on the Oprah Show acting like she didn't know her husband was gay before she married him and then being in the hot tub with him after she talked about him so bad

35. Al Sharpton - for rocking a perm in the '06 and having the audacity to run for President while looking like a pimp

36. Black people that say that Biggie and Pac were assassinated. Martin and Malcolm were assassinated those two brothers were shot. (Chris Rock from Bigger and Blacker)

37. Tina Knowles - for giving us House of Dereon

38. Lil Kim - for being the black Pamela Anderson

39. Karrine "Superhead " Steffans - for being the Black Monica Lewinsky

40. Omarosa - she gave intelligent Black sisters a bad name

42. All the Black wannabe models on America 's Next Top Model that come on the show with a straight up attitude

43. Coral from the Real World/ Road Rules challenge always having to come on the shows portraying the angry Black woman

44. Vivica A. Fox for dating 50 Cent and then wearing the daisy dukes during Lil Jon's performance

45. Ron Isley for tax evasion and stealing from his decease brother's estate

46. Wesley Snipes - for To Wong Fu and then denying that he was the one
that made Halle Berry deaf in her left ear

47. Wayne Brady for acting like a bafoon in front of white folks on Who's Line Is It Anyway.

48. Johnny Gill for perpetrating he's a Mac Daddy when all along he's flaming.

49. Jermaine Dupree for getting upset and quitting the record company after Janet Jackson's sorry album flopped (big surprise)

50. Fantasia for telling the WHOLE world she can't read. There's some stuff you need to keep to yourself.

Like I wrote previously, this is silly and I disagree with most of them. Drug addiction, illiteracy, alcoholism and violence against women (and people in general) are not exclusive to white folk. Our community is suffering not because of white people and their influence on us but because of our continued need to sweep all our issues under the rug. Who ever penned this list needs a reality check right fast and in a hurry! Also, add a slap across the face with a fish for good measure!

Nine more days to Christmas in Cali! – GD

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