And Just When We Thought No One Was Reading…

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Site Meter is a wonderful thing Dear Readers. Ms. GD was checking it yesterday (Like she does everyday) and discovered the following information about our latest angry poster. We haven’t pissed anyone off this badly since The Great Wentworth Miller Debacle of 2006!

Anonymous of Clevedon, New Zealand , which is approximately 7,394 miles from Houston, Texas with a latitude and longitude of -37,175.05, spent 15 minutes and 31 seconds of his/her precious time on our blog reading about the girlfriend of one Malili “Mils” Muliaina on his/her PC with a Microsoft WinXP Operating System and Internet Explorer 6.0. Anonymous reached our blog by searching with the words “hayley muliaina” and [Applause Please] found us the sixth entry down!

anonymous said...
get a life - away from a computer! then you might have something to talk about that you know about! The people you slag off in your rubbish you know nothing about and who died and made you the judgement king! think before you act! thank god for karma! wish i was there to see it come back and bite you! 

Those who hide behind a screen usually have something they dont want the world to see!!!

Our Response...
First of all, learn how to spell (Or get spellchecker) and work on your grammar/usage before you set out to arbitrarily flame someone’s blog. Secondly, Ms. Armstrong’s conviction is a matter of public record so it’s not like we’re pulling random shit out of our collective asses! And thirdly, aren’t you the one judging us? How do you know we don’t have a life? Had you bothered to read more than just the Muliaina related parts of our blog you would have noticed that:

1. We routinely blog about our lives; the good, the bad and the boring as hell!

2. As stated in our Manifesta , we reserve the right (‘Cause we live in America) to tweak the egos of public figures as well as private citizens (And last time we checked, Malili, by virtue of his being a famous athlete, is a public figure and doomed to "suffer the slings and arrows of [his] outrageous fortune”)

Aren’t you being a little hypocritical Dear Anonymous? We find it very ironic that you would “hide” behind the anonymous tag to call us out on the carpet. Why not use your real name if you feel so strongly about our horrible mistreatment of poor, troubled Hayley and her stalwart swain Mils? And why do you care that we care? And weren’t you looking for information about Ms. Armstrong on Google? Doesn’t that make you as pathetic as you think we are? Seriously Mr./Ms. Anonymous, we don’t get why you’re so upset. Are you related to the couple in some way? Close family friends? ARE YOU MILS OR HAYLEY? [If you are Mils Ms. GD says “Call me baby!” and galaxyMafia says, “Tell Sione Lauaki to call me!”]

Listen, if Mils wants to live out the rest of his life with a convicted criminal with psychological problems then all we can say is a heartfelt – If he like it, we love it! Actually, we think it’s quite honorable that he’s standing by the woman he loves! Most people would have been out the damn door a long time ago so Big Ups Malili! But since we’re self-centered heifers we could really give a good gotdamn about his relationship! We admit that we don’t know a damn thing about Mils. He could be the sweetest guy in the world or the world’s biggest bastard. In fact, he could be the one that drove her crazy and into a life of crime! In which case we would advise Hayley to kick his ass to the curb, down the street, into Waikato Stadium, down the pitch and over the tryline! We’ll even kick for the conversion!

But we digress Anonymous. Our point in this very long and rambling response is that we aren’t out to hurt anyone’s feelings or even to breakup any relationships [But if we were the type of girls that broke up relationships it wouldn’t be Mayley or Hils (Or Halili)…that’s for damn sure!]. As we wrote way back in March of 2005 the major purpose of this blog is to objectify men. To call folk out their names is a very, very distant, albeit highly satisfactory and entertaining, second. We think Mils is hot and fine and so we will continue to ogle him in his rugby shorts and bemoan the fact that the only thing that stands between him and us (other than airfare to NZ) is Hayley. You can’t deny us our fantasy Anonymous, even in the name of faux sweetness and Political Correctness! So relax, relate, and release lovely Anonymous and do visit our blog often. Tell all your friends!

And for the record, if someone did die and make us Judgment Royalty we would be Queens, not kings baby!

Smooches and thanks again for your shitty little anonymous comment,
Glamour Diva – galaxyMafia – Miss Sakamoto

P.S. We also believe in Karma but we use the very Texas and “picturesque” phrase, Cosmic Ass Whippin' to describe the Dharmic philosophy of cause and effect.

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