And They’re Off!

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Damn. Is it February already?!? That’s right Dear Readers it’s that time again… Super 14 is upon us! The largest (And dare I say best?) rugby competition in the southern hemisphere (Nay, THE WORLD!) officially jumped off today in South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. It seems like it was only yesterday that good old galaxyMafia and I were spending every weekend with our faces plastered to her computer screen, whoopin’ and hollerin and tossing rude, thinly veiled sexual innuendoes at all the rugby players! Aaaahhh…fun times ya’ll!

Now it’s time to begin the madness and downward spiral into ceaseless gigglin’ and depravity once again. Saturday evening, or 12:05am Sunday morning if you live in the United States Central Time Zone is the first game for our favorite team, the Wellington Hurricanes . Our boys are playing the Queensland Reds in Brisbane, Australia but I don’t really know much about the team. I think they’re a relatively new organization but I could be wrong. To be painfully honest, I don’t really care. All that matters is if they’re hot or not:

Hmmm…well a few of them are a little pasty but I think they’ll do. I will say this though, the Aussies are NOT afraid of the Speedos! Check out home skillet in the blue…OW! I will hold my final judgment until I see them in action this weekend but early polls say the Wellington Roll Dogs are leading in the hotness competition as well as the rugby skills competition.

Even so there are many burning questions left, uh…burning…

[Insert dramatic organ music]

Will Ma’a Nonu cause a riot in the stands when he smiles at some unsuspecting, sweet young thang oooooooorrrrrrrrrrr… will he be so tuckered out from all the trolling the night before that he arrives too pooped to pop out that starburst like smile of his on an unsuspecting populace?

Will Neemia Tialata continue to cheat in the scrum by getting so far underneath the opposing team’s scrummers that they lose their balance and their confidence oooooooorrrrrrrrrrr… will the new scrum laws finally force the big lug nut to play fair?

Will Tana Umaga use his time on the bench to reassess his feelings on his marriage to Mrs. Umaga and look into those rumors about that zaftig and cute as a button Texas girl who has a major crush on him oooooooorrrrrrrrrrr… will he just sit on that stationary bike on the sidelines and peddle slowly into nowhere while mentally counting his millions and congratulating himself on having the good sense to be born Tana Umaga?

Will the absence of the hard hitting and fabulously fabulous Jerry “The Hitman” Collins make a difference, if any, in how the “Glamour Boys” of Wellington perform in tonight’s game oooooooorrrrrrrrrrr…will the urge to get his hands on the ball and throw grown men around like rag dolls be too much for the big man to take, forcing him to escape from the jelly (as GM calls it) he’s been floating in for the last few weeks in the so called “All Blacks Conditioning Program” only to show up in Brisbane, naked with electrodes still attached to his body and with a strange, red glow in his eyes?

[Insert even more dramatic organ music]

These questions and more will be answered on the next episode of Rugger’s Hope! Until then, Dear Readers, stay cool and hang loose! – GD

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