Caught Betwixt A Rock And Tialata’s Thighs

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In this episode The Sushi Girls™ are “draped up and dripped out” and ready for week three of the Super 14! Listen as they discuss the latest developments in the rugby series as well as African American History Month, the similarities between Maori and African Americans, an investigative report on the singular disappearance of world class winger Lome Fa’atau, what strange biological anomaly happens every time Ms. GD sees Ma’a Nonu, GM’s continued interest in Neemia Tialata’s weight and skin color and thrill as they answer that age old question: Who are the sexual deviants of Southern Hemisphere rugby!

The Rugby Moves Crossword Puzzle is still waiting impatiently to be solved. She is very depressed. She is so depressed that she’s stopped eating and keeps playing Fiona Apple songs and reading Sylvia Plath. We are so worried about her that we’ve put her on 24-hour suicide watch. If you want her to make it through the night please take time to solve her! A depressed and suicidal crossword puzzle is a terrible thing to waste!

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All answers left in the comments section of our blog will be disqualified! Now without further ado, this week's podcast…

Warning: this podcast is definitely NOT SAFE FOR WORK so download our foolishness at your peril…

Hurricanes Vs BluesCommentary recorded Saturday, February 18, 2007

If you'd like to watch this game while listening to our commentary you may download it at Media Zone . Click on The Rugby Channel then click Super 14 and from there choose the appropriate game.

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