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We’ve added another member to our Political Action Committee – Ladies For The Unbridled Lust and Appreciation of Rugby Players – and her name is The Mole! No, she isn’t a small burrowing mammal but a grown up woman with connections to some of our favorite Ruggers! Just how tight are her connections? Well, not very tight at all BUT she lives in Wellington and knows people who know the players we love! But almost as important, she’s a nosey heifer just like The Sushi Girls and she loves to tattle! So without further ado, meet…The Mole:

Subject: Hello ladies!
Date: Thu, 8 Feb 2007 11:00:18 +1300

A podcast… what a great idea! It’s a shame that my only net access is at work so I can’t download it – but it is a great idea nevertheless. In fact I can’t post you a comment or anything on your wonderful site, so thank you for finally putting up an email address!

This will be my first item of fan mail ever…. Your site has to be one of my favourites. I honestly piss myself reading it and I’m glad our Hurricanes do as much for you as they do for me. I nearly had a meltdown last week when I touched Ma'a’s bum walking past him at one club, and then downstairs at the same club was your personal favourite, Jerry. I may have to start sporting a camera and taking photos for you of these sexy beasts in their natural environments!
[Don’t you just love the way she animalizes them? Grrrrrrooooooowl! – GD]

Keep up the good work, especially on the Ma'a, Lome and Jerry fronts, and I'll keep you posted on shenanigans I hear of and see in little old Wellington – luckily it’s a small world and we see the boys often ;-)

“The Mole”

Now if we can just keep her sober [Ha!] and permanently strapped with a digital camera when "up in the club", we will have the makings of our own rugby tabloid show – Caught Out There withThe Sushi Girls! Move over Page Six and 3am …there are new gossip girls in town!

We wish we could publish the second email she sent us but even The Sushi Girls have scruples…sort of. We don’t like putting people on blast unless they deserve it and while The Nonu definitely deserves to have his business all out in the “skreet”, we don’t want anything bad to happen to our wonderful new friend, The Mole! Besides, we know what side our bread is buttered on and if the mole ceases to exist then all that lovely, salacious info will dry up quicker than Neemia Tialata’s hair gel in the Noon day sun! Right? We love you girl! – The Sushi Girls

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