What's wrong with Neemia. . .????

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Neemia - Super 14 2006

Neemia - WTF. . .?????

Good LAWD!!!!

Did somebody steal tha boy's hair gel and clippers, or what?

Mr. Tialata, last year, during Super 14 2006, your hair was on point!! You would not step out on the pitch without edging that ish up! I know you must have used a ruler, it was so straight.

Now, your hair is all over your head, and God only knows why? What happened to that tight faux-hawk that thrilled me so?

Sigh. . .

Are you in love? Depressed? Pissed at Perenise for stealing your tighthead position? Worried about impressing Ted and getting selected to go to France? Apprehensive about leaving ya mama and heading to Europe to play in 2008?

Email a sistah and let her know!

Truly, Mr. Tialata, this has gone on too long and must stop!

Get your head together or I really will go back to Lauaki, for real this time!

copyright 2007. . .yes, yes, galaxyMafia knows Sione screws up his hair but, at least he has a damn good reason for doing it!

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  1. The Liquester 7:00 PM, March 23, 2007
    I think Neemia is going through a midlife crisis at the precious age of 25...or maybe he is being influenced by the likes of Andy Roddick, whose bushy mane looks a lot crazier than that when wet or dry. Maybe its a generation millenium thing that we gen Xers can't understand :)
  2. Guru 5:04 AM, March 30, 2007
    You are seriously full of shit. He's playing rugby not golf, what the hell did you expect?

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