Glamour Diva: The Movie!

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If my life were a movie, what would the soundtrack sound like? That is the question I asked myself a few weeks ago when I was sitting at my boring job questioning my existence instead of filing and typing and fending off the advances of several oversexed old men. I couldn’t include every song because that would be like millions of damn songs and anyway, iTunes doesn’t have many of the songs I love so this is really just part one. Maybe when I’m 70 I’ll do another iMix of part two? Wait a sec, the thought of me still writing for this blog at 70 is kind of depressing! Oh well Dear Readers…Smooches!

Note: You must have iTunes loaded on your computer before you can listen to the playlists. You don’t have to own a Mac Dear Readers; you only need the iTunes software. Dig it? Enjoy! – GD

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