Lome Speaks!

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Okay so I’m sure he’s been, technically, speaking since he was a toddler but this is the first time I’VE heard him so…

HUZZAH! As well as HOORAH! And also CALOO CALAY!

Unfortunately I was at work when I opened the file and I couldn’t stop sobbing like a baby. No shit Dear Readers! I had Kleenex in one hand and the phone in the other as I tried to relate to galaxyMafia the sheer enormity of such a monumental development! The Sushi Girls had scoured the web for any audio or video of Lome Fa’atau speaking but all our searches proved fruitless. And now at the end of Super 14 2007 and his New Zealand rugby career, up pops this huge, sparkling gem! Can you say I. R.O. N. I. C.?

My Critique: As I said to GM (between sobs of course), his voice is quite normal. It doesn’t have as much trembling bass as Neemia Tialata but neither is it as deceptively light and winsome as Rodney So'oialo’s voice. No, Mr. Fa’atau has a voice that sounds like it could actually come out of his mouth. But guess what I found the most charming? It’s his little stutter! OMG ya’ll, it was the cutest thing ever! He kept repeating words like he was nervous or maybe a bit distracted…sigh! And he actually has, dare I say it, WIT! He can hold a conversation while simultaneously sounding intelligent AND funny ya’ll! And his laugh! OMG the laugh! Double sigh!

But alas he currently lives at the bottom of the world and will only be traveling as far as Scotland to continue with the rugby. Yes Scotland is closer to Texas than New Zealand but it might as well be even farther away ‘cause I am "po as a church mouse" Dear Readers!

Triple sigh. God I am so fucking lame. I’m going to clean up my living room now…:(

Special thanks to Rose for giving me the heads up! As Kojak queried, who loves ya baby? I DO! – GD

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