Let’s Wrap This Shizz Up People!

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Looks like the Hurricanes and their infamous hazing rituals will continue undaunted…

In this episode The Sushi Girls™ offer a heartfelt “I Feel For You” to all the New Zealand Ruggers who missed the boat thus making room for the first ever all South African Super 14! Thrill as your girls: Announce the winners of the Great Sex and the Sushi Super 14 Giveaway, Shove their “Hurricanes Best and Worst” picks down your collective throats, Discuss the “Ali Williams Predicament”, ruminate over the AB Selectors picks for the June tours, debate the meaning of the word “Superfluous” and how it applies to certain players, deliberate on Graham Henry’s role as Darth Ted-I, bemoan the disturbing trend of Nesian rugby players hooking up with white women, share more stomach churning info about their nonexistent sex lives and much, much more!

This song, the one we couldn't find during the show, is dedicated to The Nonu. We know we give you a hard time Papa but it’s all about the love. Ain’t nobody dope as you baby…

Sexiest Guy of Super 14 2007 – The Winner!
GM thought the sexiest player should have been Sione Lauaki. Ms. GD thought it should have been Lome Fa’atau. Somehow we ended up with Tana. Who would you have chosen?

And as ALWAYS…don’t forget Glamour Diva’s hard as fuck Nesian Rugby Players Word Search! Click to enlarge the puzzle or email Ms. GD for an even larger copy. Along with the completed puzzle please include the following in your email:

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Now without further ado, this week's podcast…

Warning: this podcast is definitely NOT SAFE FOR WORK so download our foolishness at your peril…

Hurricanes Wrap Up ShowCommentary recorded May 21, 2007

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