He’s "Jose" Gear And He Came To Rock!

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Who knew? WHO FUCKIN’ KNEW? Well I certainly didn’t, I mean, not until the beginning of this year’s Super 14! What a difference a year can make, I mean… REALLY PEOPLE!

Had I not been so mesmerized by The Nonu et al., I would have noticed all 6’2”, 225 lbs. of young Mr. Gear’s tackle breaking, try scoring, Haka leading, Tā moko sportin', erect nippled, washboard abs having, Maori hotness! JIMINY CRICKETS YA'LL!

And I’m not the only one losing my damn mind either. I was watching the Barclays Churchill Cup New Zealand Maori versus Ireland A game last week and almost fell out of my chair laughing at the commentators as they blew their expository wads all over Hosea! In an 80 minute game they made SIX references to his physique as well as throwing shade on his better known brother Rico (Who?).

But I ain’t mad atcha Irish commentators! After watching him lead the Haka, sans jersey, all I could think about (other than my fabulous, pre-masturbatory fantasy evolving Mr. Gear, his tongue and raspberry jam) was how I could be down with his Iwi! Can a sista in Texas get some play Jose?

Ooooooooo LAWD!

NZ Maori haka v Ireland A

Rediscovering Mr. Gear has certainly been my “salvation”…Hallelujah! – GD

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  1. natalina 4:22 AM, July 01, 2007
    Wow, after seeing that video I am lost for words...

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