Vive Nouvelle Zélande ! Vive L'Homme !

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The Sushi Girls really must visit France soon. Women there have the most wonderful taste in fashion, men…and blogs about objectifying them *cough* Anyway...and apropos of nothing...please join us in welcoming the newest member of LULARP (Ladies for the Unbridled Lust and Appreciation of Rugby Players) – Snow Bunny!

Date: Tue, 22 May 2007 11:41:18 +1200
From: Snow Bunny
Subject: Desperate for more!!!

Dearest girls,

You do a marvellous job and I love your site, but why oh why can't I access the wonderful video clips you have made of Mr Tialata and the young Nonu..?! The suspense is simply killing me and the more I can't see them the more desperate I get! Please help! I can't find them on You Tube either...

What's a girl to do? Sione and Lome have whet my appetite and I just gotta have more! I love those pretty boys, even if they can't seem to string a sentence together
[Aaawww! Lome speaks well…except for the little stutter…:( – GD].

From one desperate for some nigga action girl.

Thanks for reading the blog and listening to the podcasts baby girl! See you on Bebo! – The Sushi Girls

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