Hello, I Must Be Going

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My Dear Readers,

Glamour Diva is having an existential crisis at the moment and will be taking a break from regular blogging. But don’t you pout and don’t you fret Dear Readers! She will be back in time to join galaxyMafia when Sex and the Sushi Does The World Cup. Besides, she knows rugby is the only thing any of you are interested in reading about right now which is cool but she really isn’t feeling the rugby at the moment and would like to concentrate on getting to the bottom of her current emotional upheaval. In the meanwhile, GM will be taking over as Blog/Bebo Master as well as continuing that top quality rugby patter you’ve come to expect from The Sushi Girls™!

If you’re interested in joining Ms. GD on her journey of self-discovery you may do so at her personal blog, The Unbearable Lightness of Mediocrity. Or if you don’t give a good gotdamn (which Ms. GD thinks is probably the case) you may ignore this whole entry. Either way life will go on although not indefinitely as was previously and erroneously thought.

But if on some balmy summer night Glamour Diva does get a hankering to write about rugby, or some seriously saucy rugby gossip, she will most assuredly hit up Sex and the Sushi with her scintillating observations so until then…

Hello, I Must Be Going – Groucho Marx

Smooches and much love to all my very dear, Dear Readers! – GD

Lyrics to Hello, I Must Be Going may be found here

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  1. debalina 9:46 PM, July 30, 2007
    NOOOOOOOOO!!! What's wrong baby? :(
  2. Kristin 10:28 AM, August 02, 2007
    What! We need our GD!

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