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Well. . .galaxyMafia is sure she doesn't have to tell you that Graham "Ted" Henry picked his RWC team. . .here's the link, read it for ya damn self:,,14661-7662735,00.html

One notable inclusion. . .our very own "Sexy" Sione Lauaki. . .I think it's funny that Ted relegated him to the Junior ABs and yet picked him for the WC. . .to me, it seems Ted was letting Mr. Lauaki know where he stands in the pecking order, and I'm sure Ted would rather have picked Mose Tuiali'i to back up Rodney "Release these people" So'oialo and that punk b!tch Chris Masoe.

BUT, Mose sucked wet cat fur this season and Ted had no other choice. . .we will see if Lauaki gets any playing time. . .

Lauaki seemed surprised to be picked, as well. Indeed, on the team pic, he looked rather bewildered. . .then again, I'm sure most things (like multiplication and correct subject-verb agreement) confound and amaze Wax so it wasn't too surprising. Still, you have to wonder what he will do with his hair now that he's going to the big dance.

Anyway. . .congrats Sione. . .ya got what ya prayed for. . .hope it makes ya happy and keeps ya out of tha fetal position at night.

One notable exclusion. . .Piri "Junk in tha trunk" Weepu.
Quelle surprise!! WOW!!! The guy who thinks of Graham Henry as a "grandfather" got the red-hot shaft right in tha ass!! Ted picked Weepu for these past tests BUT told tha n!gga "to tha left, to tha left" when it came time to pick the scrum-half for WC. I suppose Piri is on "suicide watch" now that he's been tossed aside like an empty can of Hormel corned beef - after Tialata devoured the contents, of course!!

And one lemon. . .Isaia "Ice" Toeava. . .well, what can you say? Ted likes the cut of this n!gga's jibe and was itching to include him so. . .now you can scratch Ted. . .you can scratch all day. Hopefully, the other guys will be mindful of that lemon juice Toeava squirts. . .otherwise, it's gonna be a sad day in NZ when them candy asses don't bring home the trophy.


For those who give a rat's ass (and it might only be White Chocolate), TIALATA has a bitch named SALLY who is very attentive and fixes him dinner - and of course, she doesn't have to write out a long, involved grocery list because we all know dat
n!gga loves his corned beef and taro. So, she doesn't know how to do Samoan dances well, and that peeves TIALATA but not enough to stop him from buying a house with her, or paying her Internet bill. SALLY wanted to give TIALATA a 25th birthday party but tha n!gga declined. Probably wanted to go Rarotonga for chicken and hos.

SALLY is the reason TIALATA didn't sign with that France team (if you care Chou Chou, that's the reason. . .I suspect you might not, though). TIALATA is planning to marry her and they'll have some half-Samoan kids and God bless 'em because they'll be doing what the Lord told them to do. . .unlike galaxyMafia who'll end up a barren, old hag. . .she'll be RICH but she'll be a barren, old hag so who will give a rat's ass. . .?

copyright 2007. . .galaxyMafia is surprised she isn't more happy for Sione since she's always bitchin' about how Ted hates him. . .guess that's what turned her on. . .this tension and animosity between Ted and Wax. . .it helped GM to hate Ted and root for Wax but now the
n!gga is on the team so. . .ain't no need in crying for dat big Tongan mothafucka, is it?

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  1. debalina 4:34 AM, July 23, 2007
    Ooooooooohhh!!! So that is what's happening. Neemia is too young to get married and settle down(especially since he's a pro athlete- we all know how this is going to end). Are you going to crush my dreams and tell me that Jerry is marrying a white girl now???

    On a brighter note - If Sione cuts off his hair again to make it look ugly...I will not like him anymore! (ok, that's a lie)

    Poor Piri. Maybe he has some time off to come to Canada? I can console the tiny dancer.
  2. debalina 4:40 AM, July 23, 2007
    Holy shit this post is funny too!!!
    Line of the century - I'm sure most things (like multiplication and correct subject-verb agreement) confound and amaze Wax so it wasn't too surprising.
  3. Anonymous 11:43 AM, July 23, 2007
    Ey Ms GM, no need to worry, Tialata is enjoying I think you should enjoy life too... and then, who knows? :-)
  4. Anonymous 12:41 PM, July 23, 2007
    Well,well,well...this Mr.? Anonymous seems to know him too well...
  5. MaryL 11:52 AM, July 27, 2007
    Umm : I arrive like a hiar on the soup and maybe too late, but I am French and I have never heard that a French club wanted Tialata.
    Can you be more precise about this news (where did you get it from?)

    Thank you.
  6. Anonymous 7:18 PM, November 22, 2008
    that wuz ney who left those anonymous comments!!!!!

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