And All They Can Find To Complain About Is This?

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This article is a little old but while I was looking for interesting stories and gossip, I ran across it instead. 

The article talks about how some poor slobette in NZ got all bent out of shape because in the advert pictured Bat Boy is shown drinking out of the milk carton and what sort of example is he setting for her impressionable young children and he should know better because he's a role model and blah, blah fuckin' BLAH! I say that instead of worrying about his germy amoebas floating around in the milk and what sort of example he's setting, homegirl should be more worried about the mountainous heaps of guano he's leaving all over his poor wife's kitchen floor! She's the real victim here! Well maybe Mrs. Bat Boy, er...I mean MacDonald, has her furry, winged husband trained to do his business outside like a good little Chiroptera? If she does I bet her garden is the envy of everyone in Christchurch! 

I wonder if they screw while hanging upside down from the rafters? Hmmm...the mind boggles... - GD

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