I love, I love, I love my calendar tighthead!!

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Well. . .I suppose the good folks down in Welly finally heard ya girls!
Had we not been saying these blokes needed a calendar? Well, now they have one. . .at least, the Wellington Hurricanes do. . .it’s called “Men of the Den” and it promises to show Hurricanes players in “a whole different light”. . .

Whatever the hell that means? Strobe light? Artificial light? Florescent light?

From the teaser pics on the official Hurricanes sight, just looks like your average garden variety photos lifted from Getty Images BUT, the calendar claims to be designed, developed and produced (who knew those boys could manage such lofty endeavors) by the players.

gM supposes it’s a good start BUT, until they get naked avec les bon hommes du Stade*, well, she ain’t sending her hard-earned US (currently underperforming) cash to Kiwi land!

Check it fo’ yoself!

*Sorry if I fcuked that up, Chou Chou

copyright 2007. . .galaxyMafia

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  1. Cecile 5:41 PM, December 19, 2007
    And they call that a calendar? But... But... THEY HAVE CLOTHES ON!!!

    Well that's not how we do rugby calendars in my country. I should take my camera down under and show them how it's done.

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