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Well, ol' Masoe was up in the bar showin' his ass. . .apparently, he was drunk and wanted another round but the barmaid refused him. . .which she was legally required to do so he wouldn't stumble out to his car, get behind the wheel and end up crashing into a van full of kids on their way to Bible study. . .yes, two a.m. Bible study!

Read this ish fo' yoself!

copyright 2007. . .well, Flo, gM has gotta let you know she feels ya! She's got a few cousins who can't hold they drank (or grog, if you prefer) either! HA HA!

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  1. Franny Bumbum 3:57 AM, March 04, 2008
    Shoot - can't a Samogian gangster get a drunken drink anymore? Ha ha ha. PS - the bar staff did withdraw her statement. Cuz wasn't drunk or rude. xxx
  2. Glamour Diva & galaxyMafia 6:41 AM, March 05, 2008
    NO! Well, maybe if he wasn't always looking so confounded! Still no I think only the cute people should be allowed to get their drunk drink on!
    And yes we read the retraction but like I said, he was refused drink because he is fug-it just would have been rude for them to say that!

    Ms. Diva has spoken! ;)

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