. . .or should I get out of town. . .?

By Glamour Diva & galaxyMafia

Happy New Year. . .

Well, it’s sort of over now but thought I’d say it anyway. . .

Anyhoo. . .galaxyMafia is headed to Mexico for a mini-vacay, and she was thinking, what’s the point of this rugby blog. . .?

There’s no new gossip.
There’s no pictures of these blokes. Not that galaxyMafia can find and no one in NZ wants to send us any scans. Seriously, gM is considering asking Ms. GD if she’d like to switch to gridiron and forget this rugby ish. . .

Number one, NOBODY in America gives a ish about rugby. With football, we’d have WAY more fans.

Number two, we’d have ALL the gossip and lots of groupies, ex-WAGS and wanna be boppers willing to give us info.

Number three, there are just as many “brown” NFL players AND, they make WAY MORE MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

galaxyMafia senses such apathy from everyone that she can’t even psyche herself up for Super 14. Will anyone even listen to the podcast? Or give a ish? Is this all being done in vain? Can you get along without us? Indeed, even sisterMafia expressed surprised that Ms. GD and I were still doing this blog. . .

Oh well. . .

If you guys are no longer interested, let a sista know. . .and remember, your lack of response will speak volumes!!!!!!!!!!

Because on tha real, in the grand scheme of thangs, it don’t make me no neva mind, as my gram says!


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  1. Debalina 7:08 PM, January 09, 2008
    *cries* Don't stop blogging!

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