No. . .it's NOT the Jets!!!

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. . .but it is a whole heap o' Tongans!!!

Check out gM's future in-laws. . .Mama and Papa Lauaki (down front) plus the ten kids!

copyright 2007. . .gM will have more pics of tha Lauaki crew later. . .and keep 'em in your prayers because they're all headed to Tonga for Christmas!! And much thx to my sister-in-law Margaret for these photos. . .don't ya love that tapa cloth background???

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  1. Debalina 6:08 PM, December 06, 2007
    LMAO!! They kinda do look like the Jets. Girl you are crazy but I love you!
  2. hayat 8:52 PM, December 10, 2007
    which one is sione and his lil bro?

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