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Apparently, Ma’a Nonu is doing some good works.

The PTB down in Kiwi-land have decided to go on the offense and proactively provide an avenue to help young people cope with depression. galaxyMafia gives them kudos for addressing this problem, which is probably widespread. Who wouldn’t be depressed if they had to live on a little island in the Pacific with a huge problem of self-deluded isolationism? The fact that New Zealand actually exists on this planet is enough to make gM take to her bed but, she digresses. . .

Anyway, the website is www.thelowdown.co.nz and through testimonials from various famous folk – God forbid some teenager should seek help from his/her youth pastor or parent – it hopes to encourage kids to talk about their depression, yadda, yadda, yadda.

(personally, gM thinks this type of “celebrity altruism” is vainglorious and used as a platform for self-promotion for artists but the PTB need to be able to say, “Hey, we tried to help little Lelani!”)

Anyhoo, this may be of interest to you if you are 1) a depressed Kiwi teen or 2) foaming at the mouth over Ma’a Nonu, who was chosen as a “celeb” (and they use the term generously) to give the young folk some tips on fighting depression.

To his credit, Ma’a claims to have many family members who have been stricken with depression. His advice? “Spend time with your family members and friends. . .it’s important to be happy.”

The Nonu goes on to say he’s been though some tough times, playing rugby – getting fat, not getting picked for the RWC team, discovering eyeliner while recovering from a broken thumb, having women throw themselves at him for no other reason than he’s The Nonu and he plays rugby – and he encourages kids to “spend time with ya mates and ya close ones”. It is important, he claims, to “feel free to talk to someone you love”.

The Nonu says rugby is a “tough game” and admits there are times when the boys are “shy about being in trouble” – that is, when they don’t want you b!tches to know they cry in the dark in the fetal position. He says in the past he has tried to endure the crushing pain of depression alone, alas, that is not the answer.

“Dig deep,” The Nonu exhorts. “Because you have your own talents. . .”

As opposed to having someone else’s talents. . .?

Clearly, he was coached extensively and was probably given a cue card but, The Nonu pulled it off. galaxyMafia is not sure if his little Easter speech will keep some bloke from blowing his brains out – indeed, it just might have the opposite effect as watching The Nonu give advice might prove there really is no need to go on – but, he managed to pull it off, and look damn good doing it and at the end of the day, that’s all that matters anyway, right. . .?

Copyright 2007. . .galaxMafia’s tip for depression: Check out To’ofiga’s speech in Samoan!! If that don’t cheer you up then just kill yourself!

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  1. Debalina 7:08 PM, December 05, 2007
    OMG. Ma'a is so hot. Even though he is a douche, he looks all sweet and innocent.

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