Leave Jerry Alone!!!

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FINALLY! Britney Spears isn't the only person getting love from peeps on the Internet! We got this message from "Anonymous" about how we are so wrong about JC and we suck and JC is the bomb and Rarotongan's and white people suck and blah blah blah! He/she left this comment under one of our Fun With Dieux Du Stade 2008 Calendar posts (?????) so we almost missed it. Maybe she/he was just so freakin' outraged that he/she was confused about where to actually leave the comment...after perusing a few other entries? I feel you "Anonymous", staring at hot, naked men makes us disoriented too. Anyway, enjoy this confusing rant and please try to overlook the grievous spelling and grammatical errors. Again, when you're so passionate about someone it's easy to forget the basic rules of English:

youz ass holes should just leave jc alone, hes done more for the island people then any other footie player over the last 8-10 years. Nz people who come to rarotonga can dish shit out but cant quite take it. Hes an islander we dont care if hes samoan, doubt you would ever see an allblack plaing touch rugby with a bunch of strangers or doing funtions and hospital visits for free. These complaints come from our PAPA'E friends not from the locals. JC doesnt bow down to middle class white people who come to our island and talk down to us.

JC thats why we like him because hes not a saint, and he looks after the majority not an ego booster for the minority.

locals forever.

Indeed "Anonymous"! We could make jokes about how white women must be different from white people in general because apparently JC doesn't mind "bowing down" to them but we won't. Besides, we have no way of knowing what class his baba mama, and all the other white women he's fucked, belongs to. But maybe he doesn't "bow down"? Maybe he plays the hyper-sexed, heathenish Islander to his advantage, cooning his way into their pants? You know white women are making strides in the sex tourism trade so it is possible. Ah well...

The Sushi Girls™

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  1. Debalina 6:33 AM, January 16, 2008
    It looks like Ma'a's style of writing.

    And quit bagging on white girls!! ;)
  2. Anonymous 12:14 PM, January 30, 2008
    Just figure out it might even be da "great man" himself...
  3. Anonymous 3:50 AM, April 03, 2008
    This person writes like someone with rather basic English skills...smacks of Raro to me, baby!
    JC is not quite so illiterate. He has undertaken part of an Arts degree, you know!
    And Ma'a sounds more like he aspires to hail from East Compton.
    Sup bro - wea u at dea??
    No, ladies! What we have here is a pissed of local girl from Raro who has a chip on her shoulder about all the rich white people who go to her Island for holidays and perhaps scoff at all the chickens running amuck down the main road, or look down their noses at the rudimentary buildings collapsing round the locals ears.
    Perhaps she's even had the thrill of meeting JC in the Staircase! No doubt only to be pushed aside by the man himself as he made a beeline for a white girl.
    No doubt about it, JC likes his women the same way as he takes his coffee..sweet and white!
    There are reasons behind it all too. Easy enough to figure out if you put your mind to it.
  4. Anonymous 4:00 PM, April 11, 2008
    Which reasons please? would be interested to know? seems a bit WEIRD to tell ya the truth...lol

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