Mose Tuiali'i: Now With More...Hair?

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I wish I could say it's been slow on the rugby news front but honestly I just haven't given much of a damn about the game recently. I'm still reveling in my Bollywood hysteria and general winter ambivalence but I just couldn't pass up this little digital photographic gem! Wow! What a difference eight months makes! I didn't think I would ever see him or his trademark Bald/Bald Fade again! Aawww shucky ducky quack quack Mr. Tuiali'i! You work ya little 'Nesian fro baby...I ain't mad atcha!

But then I won't let myself get too excited because I'm sure by the time Super 14 jumps off next month, Mose will have cut it all off again...or dreaded it...or dyed it blond...or taken his Ginsu knives to his head and fauxhawked it...or something equally fucked up. So, while it lasts, please enjoy the grandeur, the majesty, the power, the lushness and the sheer Fabulosity of Mose's unmodified, magnificent Afro! God bless it and you my Dear Readers - GD

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