Harold! Fetch Me My Phillips Head Screwdriver!

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Ya'll know I must be MAD, CRAZY bored to be writing about Daniel "The Robot" Caaaaataaaaah but, as the old folks say, "It be's that way some time"! Apparently our old buddy Harold [It's a podcast joke, if you listened you would know] wasn't on his game...again...and accidentally plugged DC directly into the wall instead of the factory recommended surge protector. Of course management says he "strained a muscle" but we all know that's a damn lie as robots are not animals and therefore DO NOT have muscles! Now maybe he has a lot of extra stretchy wires and shit attached to his adamantium skeleton but that's a horse of a different color, so to speak.

No I think our sweet little hunk o'junk is currently spread out on an exam table somewhere deep in the recesses of the All Black's super secret and totally hush-hush underground laboratory [Begin eerie music] in Tasmania getting the full robot spa treatment! Ya know, checking his fluids, replacing the chips that got scrambled from the power surge, upgrading his operating system to Linux [That crappy ass Vista is what got them in trouble during the World Cup!] and testing his targeting systems.

Seriously, I really love this picture; it fits the story so well! If I didn't know this photo was taken during the WC I'd swear it was taken right at the precise moment he started malfunctioning! Can't you just hear all the BOING! CRASH! WHIR! and other noises going on in the background? And don't forget the springs flying every which way and the smoke coming out of his ass! Okay, okay I'll stop! Nothin' but love for Mr. Roboto, er I mean Mr. Carter. - GD

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  1. UnderBoss 11:22 AM, January 26, 2008
    I miss Harold! Hope to hear about him soon... Smooches!

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