The New Wellington Mafia. . .?

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The Wellington Hurricanes have taking the plastic wrapping off four of their brand-spanking, shiny new players, and galaxyMafia can’t help but notice a wee bit o’ similarity betwixt this quartet and some of the well-worn veterans.

Consider this. . .(from left to right). . .

Hikawera (now that’s a damn mouthful) Elliott seems to have jacked Tialata’s blonde-streaked fauxhawk; Willie Ripia is doing his darnedest to perfect that Jerry Collins’ mean-mug hard-man glower; Zac Guildford looks like an irregular Shannon Paku; and Jacob Ellison seems like an inflated Tamati Ellison, which would make sense, seeing as how they’re related. . .wait, they are related, right? (galaxyMafia confesses she was too damn lazy to check!)

Anyhoo, time (on and off the pitch) will tell if these blokes will be “made” men but if they’re not into sexually dangerous threesomes, or slapping barmaids whilst in a drunken stupor, or drinking copious amounts of burbon – neat, mind you – or, gorging themselves on gargantuan amounts of corned beef and taro, then galaxyMafia should think that JC, et al., won’t have to worry about defending their turf.
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