Happy UnValentine's Day!

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We at Sex and the Sushi DO NOT celebrate Valentine's Day. You may say it's because we're single, bitter old women (And you might be right) but we say it's because this day is nothing more than a corporate sponsored, spending free for all with no basis in the original meaning of the day (Yes that's our story and we're sticking to it)! Because of this day Women and Men worldwide feel inclined to base their whole relationship on what the other one does for them on this one day! Screw the other 364! I can hear all of you screaming: If I don’t get my candy, hot sex and wilted, overpriced flowers then you obviously don’t love me!

Fuck you Marketing Orcs! I don’t care how much shiny, red, Valentine’s Day crap you try to shove down my throat I ain’t swallowing! AND I won’t feel sorrow for myself for being caught out there single on February 14! That’s why I’m going out to Happy Hour tonight with my girls so we can celebrate our love for ourselves and each other! SO THERE! [Insert Glamour Diva licking her tongue out at The Man]

So in lieu of me writing something cute about which Rugby/NFL star I "Heart" on this very un-special day please enjoy this video of two cutie patootie cats gettin' it on freaky deaky kitty style. Yes I know it's wrong but that's only because it's soooooo riiiiiight! MEOOOOOOW BABY! - GD


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