Rugby News Roundup

Wow! Is that a fifth of whiskey in your compression undergarmet or are you just happy to see me? *wink*

Well it’s almost the end of my Very Merry UnBirthday and I am well pleased! I had a great party Saturday and today, which is my actual birthday, was peaceful and relaxing. So now it’s back to blogging and all that yackety boo! Like to hear it here it go…

And Here I Was All Worried And Shit!
Cécile, Rose…you may now breathe a sigh of relief, Troy Flavell and Richie McCaw are to retain their respective captaincies! Thank GOD! I was so freakin’ worried I could barely sleep at night! I thought I was going to need an Ambien prescription or something! Whew!

Everyone’s Got An Opinion…No Matter How Stupid
Don’t bother saving NZ Rugby. Just toss it all out and start all over again!

Graham Henry thought he was gonna eat it.

And so did this guy!

Confidence Building Good. Building False Hope Bad!
Highlanders PLEASE! This means nothing! You still suck!

Nucifora is trying to fuck it up for Joe again! Graham Henry will not be pleased…

And In Mils Muliaina News...
Malili’s hair is still on point so that’s good. And then there’s video! VIDEO! Sigh. I know I shouldn’t be so excited but I can’t help it! He’s just so sweet and intelligent and personable! Sigh.

And On The Other Side Of The Tasman Sea...
Matt Giteau, that Hot Piece Of Australian Rugby Trash, is No. 1 at being No. 10. Had we any doubts? Me thinkeths not!

What's really hood Western Force? Save all that aggression for the pitch yo! Well at least you've moved on from fondling wildlife...

Lose weight, gain it...won't make a difference Reds. You are the Highlanders of Australia. Embrace your mediocraty. Poor Clinton Schifcofske, he's too hot to be on this so called team!

Sterling Mortlock is still playing it coy with the Brumbies. Don't let them force your hand Morty! $3.75 million ain't nothing to fuck with baby. I say go with the cash!

Is this a sign? Could the Waratahs of 2006 be making a return? If the recent pre-season ass kicking dished out to the Crusaders is any indication then YES!

And another bright spot is the very cutie patootie young Tongan named Alfi Mafi! Don’t know if I’d call him Rugby Trash just yet, I have to see him in action first. But until then please enjoy these photos I stole from his Bebo page!

And In 6 Nations News…
Apparently I’m not the only one who thinks this years 6 Nations has been off the damn chain!

England beat Italy…but only just! Word is England looked rather mediocre which makes me think; is that more of an insult for England or Italy?

France beat Ireland…but only just! Irish eyes were definitely not smiling when France poured flat Guinness all over Ireland’s party. I sho hate it!

Scotland. Sigh. Oh Scotland.

Super 14 starts this weekend! Can’t you feel the excitement? – GD

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