Rugby News Roundup

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My Super 14 excitement is building to a crescendo Dear Readers! Granted it is no where near Rose’s level of excitement but then if we all got as excited as Rose and were as devoted to the rugby as Rose then the world would be in serious trouble indeed! Half the planet would die of heart failure, stroke and brain aneurisms and the other half would be out slapping and kicking each other into oblivion! Jeez Baby Boss! Calm the freak down! Remember, it’s only rugby! If you stay so tense you’ll end up looking like my friend Sébastien Chabal.

By the way, WHAT THE FUCK is up with this pic anyway? Is that his baby? Who would let him hold their baby like that? Oh my goodness but that is one of the most disturbing images I’ve seen in a long while and that’s saying something coming from me! I’ve seen amputee porn that didn’t freak me out as much as this! Can’t beat that subtle French sense of humor…I guess…

Need A Flashlight Mr. McCaw?
For heaven’s sake Richie could you please take your head out of Graham Henry’s ass?!? You’re Richie McCaw for goodness sakes! Show some self-respect! You already have the job man; you ain’t got to keep licking GH’s crack to keep it…

And if you somehow missed the fact that Mr. McCaw is EXTREMELY white, I offer you undeniable proof of that fact! Bon Jovi Richie? Ugh. I bet they didn’t even know who the hell he was!

Aren’t There Other Things You Should Worry About?
Yes Nick Williams your weight is important but not as important as why you’re so busted up in the face! Are you related to Kevin Mealamu? I swear ya'll look like twins! This is why nepotism never works. Kev’s gonna have all his sweet yet homely relatives fugging up the Blues if he isn’t stopped. UGH! And is it just me or does this quote from the article sound really FILTHY:
At 1.91m and 120kg Williams has plenty of beef for the bump and grind and the much-needed power play that comes off the back of the scrums and rucks.
I want some of whatever the editor was smoking when he oked this copy. Puff, puff give RugbyHeaven, puff, puff give!

You Done Gone And Pissed Him Off Now South Africa!
Jack White vents his spleen…and expects you to pay for it...

Then threatens World Rugby Domination!

And In 6 Nations News…
Injuries: The Broke Down And The Busted Up

I don’t know how I feel about this. I love me some England but then I also want The Brothers Bergamasco to be successful! Oh goodness…

Dammit Scotland! What’s really hood yo?

Don’t get too cocky Wales! Slow ya roll and handle ya business…

And In Jonny Wilkinson News…
Jonny Is Clean! Huzzah!

J Wil gives lessons on how to make sure Gilbert sails accurately and confidently over and through the goal posts. Hmmm..he should have watched his own video before that Wales game. I kid! I kid! Nothing but love Jonny! And if you’re reading this Jimmy Gopperth, please take note! I am so not feeling your no kicking fooliwang this season! You’re married now son, got responsibilities. Gotta do better than what you doing!

And because of all the love I have for J Wil, please enjoy these topless pics of the worlds best HUMAN number 10! – GD

And my personal favorite...the Fudgesicle! As they say in Olde London Towne...Phwoar!


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  1. gM 11:06 PM, February 06, 2008
    by the by. . .gM will admit it, she kinda likes Bon Jovi. . .I'm wanted, waaaaannnnttteeddd, dead or aaaaaliiiiiveeeeeee!!!!!!!!

    That fudgesicle looks like frozen prune. Bleech!!
  2. Rudy 11:02 PM, February 07, 2008
    Don't be hating on Mr All-White! There's nothing wrong with JBJ, either.

    That picture of the baby freaks me out, however. Can you say Michael Jackson?? I knew you could.

    I don't think Rose would ever look like Chabal, but the kid looks like he's about to go number two on his forearm....
  3. Rose 9:14 PM, February 08, 2008
    Hello, ladies,

    I have sent you an e-mail that proves that Sebastien Chabal is not actually a caveman, unless that is Wilma and Pebbles with him!

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