Rugby News Roundup

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Zzzzzzzzz. Snore. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…Snort!

Oh goodness! Didn’t see you there! I was just going over the Super 14 news and must have dozed off there for a second. Yawn! No, don’t worry, I’m awake now. YAWN!

Okay so what’s going on? Not much really…at least not anything I feel I can get too excited about. I like this cutie cartoon though. The Hurricanes were pretty hopeless during their first game...and not much better during the second…so I feel this ‘toon is quite apropos indeed! There were some other items that caught my eye before I drifted off and they are as follows:

Talkin’ Mo Shit Then A Little Bit!
Did someone snatch New Zealand’s lollipop? Does the baby need its bottle or a nice long nap? I can’t believe anyone in NZ would have the unmitigated gall to snap on any South African team! Talk about HATERATION! Even though Nucifora sounds like he’s being gracious I can read between the lines. Please don’t go there Nuc or I shall be forced to go there and no one wants that! Especially not all your players who were on the LOSING World Cup squad as well as that curly headed, half Tongan jumping on cars and causing a commotion all up in London! Yes that’s what I thought…

Oh no he didn’t! But I’m so happy he did…
You see the Sushi Girls™ aren’t the only ones who know the real deal yo! Warren Gatland, current Wales coach and likely NZ ex-pat (And current inhabitant of Graham Henry’s shit list), had this to say about New Zealand, New Zealanders and NZ rugby:

Like Scott Johnson (former Wales skills coach) said, we are just a couple of poxy islands in the Pacific. New Zealanders who haven't traveled [sic] think we make a difference in the world. We don't make a squat of difference. Our views politically aren't important; nobody takes notice of us.

Oooooooooooo LAAAAAAWD! Has he been listening to our podcasts?!?!? I feel you Gatland but you best watch ya back son! Kiwis are a sensitive, albeit self-destructive, lot.

Now If They Could Just Put All That Energy Into Something Useful
I guess this could be interesting but...
I’m thrilled for Asia, really I am, but I don’t think I’d be too interested in seeing this! Would you?
Worst. Idea. EVER!
Someone tell me how this is any fucking different from the World Cup? UGH!

And In 6 Nations News…
Italy wears “The Scarlet L” on their beautiful blue jerseys this week! Wales smelled Italia’s desperation and laughed all the way over the try line! Mauro Bergamasco must have caught a HUGE whiff of himself which most likely led to his sexy ass being sin-binned for numerous and flagrant infractions. Poor baby…

JWil breaks records as well as hearts – France’s heart to be exact! You know, he seems like such an earnest and sweet young man. Which is why I can’t wait for the tell-all exclusive about all his deviant ways that is sure to rumble our way very soon!

Ireland broke out their shillelaghs and spanked Scotland like the naughty little boys they are! In related news, sales of Guinness reached an all-time high Saturday night! - GD

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