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So what are some of your favorite non-rugby/non-NFL hot boys up to? Well from the looks of things not a whole hell of a lot! But it really doesn’t matter because all we care about is how hot they are thus the title of this post!

The Smile That Launched A Thousand Orgasms
Oh dear A.C. Slater you are just the most adorable smoochie face! I swear I could just dive right into those dimples and drown in your exquisite cuteness! Dancing with the Stars did nothing for your career but so what? You’re hosting some crazy dance show on MTV and working on replacing Dean Cain as the king of Lifetime Movie Network. No hate here Mario…nuthin but love…

Adios Chulo! Mario Lopez pics found here.

Don’t Talk, Just Listen
No seriously, don’t talk! Hearing you speak would only make our coochies dry and who among us want’s that? But let’s not dwell on your hideous girlie voice. We shall endeavor to put that out of our minds and focus on your chiseled abs! Mmmmmm…yeessssssss…

We see you too Becks! Beckham pics found here.

And The Battle Rages On

In this corner wearing el traje de Charro we have the young upstart Alejandro Fernández! He comes from a long line of sexy MexicanosPapá Vicente Fernández has been knockin’em dead with his tight ass Charro suits and pencil mustache for over forty years – so you know he ain’t no punk!

Alejandro pics found here.

And in this corner wearing classic denim is Rock and/or Roll legend Chubby Checker! He may have thirty years on El pequeño Fernández but he also has experience on his side – this ain’t his first rodeo yo! He’s been working those tight ass pants since tight ass pants were invented in the 60’s! And dancing in those bad boys too! Check out those Cat Daddy boots ya'll!

Chubby pics found here.

So Dear Readers, who wins this round? Age and experience over sexy, young hotness? YOU MAKE THE CALL! The winner will receive an industrial size tube of jock itch cream and a nice pair of loose fitting, old school boxers. - GD


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  1. 12:22 PM, February 22, 2008
    I think Mario Lopez structured his career around positioning himself to have sex with as many hot, non-famous women as possible

    also, where's the sushi?

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