Whoever Invented Clippers Should Be Sainted!

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Looks like brother Eaton FINALLY did something ‘bout his head! Yes I know he was looking like the Shaggy D.A. for charity but seriously people, a year’s worth of new, untamed hair growth will only ever be good for charitable purposes…or Beyonce’s hair weave. I’m just saying!

Behold, the freshly shorn and baby faced Jason Eaton!

And if you’re curious about how he got to that point, check this out:

And if you’re still in complete and utter shock over how much Mrs. Eaton’s baby boy has changed you can check out the cutie video here.

Now if we can just do something about the wonky front tooth and the adult acne I will feel so much better about this whole situation. You know I love you Jas but um…you need to do a much better job of preserving ya sexy baby boy! Na-mean? - GD

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  1. Kristin 12:40 AM, March 16, 2008
    This new Mr. Eaton isn't bad but those teeth are too much. Like you said if he just fixed that one tooth, he would be a really nice looking man.

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