Desperate Hairstyles. . .WTFH!!!!!!!!!!!

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Oops. . .he did it again.
And it looks as if he will continue to do it. . .over and over ad nauseum. Well, if you haven't yet seen it, and gM is sure you have, Sione, our very own Big Tongan, has changed his hair. . .yet again. First, he had the jacked up, Tongan-rigged braids that looked like Hame had done 'em. . .and now, he's gone and got himself a mohawk.

What's that sound, you ask. . .? Why, it's the hair folicles, screaming in torment and protest!!

Well, galaxyMafia doesn't know if Sione's new look is some sort of homage to Mr. T - he was born when the A-Team was on television - or if he's actually trying to be a damn American Indian. But, gM will tell you this, Sione. . .the Mohicans called, they want their hairstyle back!!

And you can rest well tonight knowing that this latest stunt pretty much guarantees that gM will not waste any more time creating stupid videos of your image set to music. . .*sigh*

copyright 2008. . .galaxyMafia

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