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Last weekend, Galaxy Mafia and I paid a visit to one of our local corporate Mega-bookstores to peruse the stacks of books and magazines in search of fodder for our blog. Boy did we ever find it! You’ll be reading more from GM later but I have to tell you about the hot, hot, HOT guy we discovered! Ladies (and Gentlemen) run, don’t walk, to your nearest book store and pick up the April issue of Playgirl Magazine. You read that right, PLAYGIRL. On the cover is THE most handsome, fine ass man I’ve seen in years! YEARS DEAR READER! His name is Derrick Davenport and he is quite the naughty angel indeed! Now normally I wouldn’t have soiled my beautifully manicured hands with a Playgirl (No I’m serious! I wouldn’t have!) but there was just something about the way he looked at me. I mean my bosom actually heaved! If I’d been wearing a bodice it would have been ripe for the ripping! Jiminy Crickets that’s a good looking man!

But I digress…

You see the reason I don’t care for Playgirl is because it’s just a tad too pedestrian for my taste (read: Not nearly naughty enough). Ms. GD has very exotic taste when it comes to sex and just looking at naked men is not enough to make this girl blush! And when I read the accompanying dim-witted questions that were posed to Mr. Davenport well, that just made me want to gag even more. Playgirl is supposed to be this bastion of male objectification, a guilt free zone where women are allowed to ogle naked men at their leisure. So why have any questions at all? Listen up Playgirl! This is what truly enlightened women want from their naked man pics:

1. Name We really don’t give a damn what his name is but it does cut down on confusion since there are about 6.5 billion humans on the planet and half of them are male. We can’t call all of them “it”!
2. Measurements Height, weight, biceps, neck, thighs, shoe size (Ms. GD would add penis length and width, erect and flaccid. Also sexual orientation, bi-sexual or heterosexual works well for me. I’d also like a short paragraph on what sex acts said naked man enjoys and whether or not he considers himself kinky or vanilla – for research purposes only of course).

See how simple it is? All we need is name, rank, and serial number. Who cares what his favorite color is or what he finds attractive in women? Besides it’s all lies anyway! All we need to know is whether or not he’s worthy to have sushi eaten off him!

If you’re too cheap to buy the magazine and too shy to even go look at it but you’d still like to see Mr. Davenport then you’re in luck. Steve Henry, Jr. is an excellent photographer who specializes in beautiful men (God bless you Steve!) and has many fine photos of Derrick and others on his website, Once you’re there click on “stallions” then click Derrick’s name. Please make sure you have a towel handy before you begin! – GD

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  1. bob 10:54 AM, April 10, 2005
    I've been waiting to see what your next topic would be and you post a story about going to a book store. I know, I can't believe it either. Girl, go for a walk down the street, go to the beach, or join a gym. What are you going to do with a picture? Then you want to know the man's numbers! Why? You ain't going to get any of what you're looking at. You try to give the reader the impression you might be freaky. Girl, please. We'll make up our own minds on that and let you know if you are. Let your actions speak for you.

    You talked about how men should be up front and honest awhile back. How about you do that too. Tell the readers what your requirements are for a man. Let him step to you and tell you what he wants too. Bet you can't handle that. You'll back out again. In your first post you said you'd post what you liked and the readers could lick your ass crack. Again trying to show us you lean toward freaky. Maybe. Would have been better if you just asked to have your salad tossed. Then maybe we could ask just how deep. Eh? See what I mean about being up front, and letting your actions talk for you? If you intend on being a woman then BE ONE. The title of DIVA is bestowed on a lady not taken by her because she chooses it.

    You want to know the stats girl? 5'8", 160, 45 chest, 30/32 waist, 16 and 1/2 neck, hetro only. I really don't know my bicep size, but I do 210 push-ups so it's got to be reasonable in size. Erection length and width? (Congrats on putting in the width requirement because most woman leave it out.) Depends on the lady I'm with. If she's fronting I loose interest, in which case size doesn't matter anyway. What size are you looking for? See. This is where you being enough of a woman comes in. Are you looking for a man to rearrange your insides or something less? Say what you want and then you might get what you ask for. Can you handle that?

    Galaxy girl sorry I'm not taller for you. You could still wear those 4 inch heels if you like; maybe even make them 6 inches. And please do keep that ass up. Best position for it. mmmm mmmm mmmm

    Warm regards,

  2. Anonymous 12:23 PM, April 10, 2005
    Ever seen an issue of Sweet Action magazine? See to find out how/where to buy. Naked men, many fully erect, different races/ethnicities, different body types. I highly recommend lovely soon to be 20 year-old Nate in issue #3.
  3. Anonymous 2:42 AM, March 08, 2012
    lol nice vid, dont believe in the rubbish u write but the vids are good...makin me think 'what if'.

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