Oh Wentworth…If Only You Knew…

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You know you’ve hit the fame jackpot when disenfranchised groups are squealing about you. First SpongeBob SquarePants and now Wentworth Miller! Planet Out is featuring Went (along with nine other guys) in an online poll titled - Primetime's prime hunk: Who’s the foxiest fox on FOX? This is the caption under his picture:

The exotic features; the rangy build; the sexy, close-cropped hair - Wentworth Miller just might be our ultimate prison fantasy. Who wouldn't want to share a cell with Wentworth, who plays Michael Scofield on "Prison Break"?

Damn. Now I have to fight women and gay guys for him? Double damn!

As of today our sexy young lad was winning the race with 45% of the vote but that didn’t surprise me when I saw who his competition is. Below is how I rate the nine other contenders:

Bradley Cooper Kitchen Confidential (gorgeous eyes but no top lip therefore unacceptable)

Kiefer Sutherland 24 (Gag! Cough! Sputter! YUK!)

Mathew St. Patrick Reunion (Cute but so very ordinary!)

Johnny Messner Killer Instinct (WHO?????)

Benjamin McKenzie The O.C. (Oh HELL YES!)

David Boreanez Bones (Never liked him, even on Buffy and Angel. Spike was my man!)

Adam Brody The O.C. (And did I mention…HELL YES?

Sean Faris Reunion (Cute but so not all that!)

Hugh Laurie House (Black Adder…Jeeves and Wooster…thrice I say HELL YES!)

According to the site this is the first poll if six, six polls for all six networks. At the end of the week they will tabulate all the votes and announce the winner who will then move on to the finals for, I guess, Hottest Guy On TV? Who knows! As far as I’m concerned Wentworth has already won but I won’t get all “Republican” and stuff the ballot box. I’m sure he can win it all…all by himself!

In other Wentworth Miller news… It seems Mr. Miller has charmed the bejeezus out of his co-star as well as the rest of America. In an interview on Zap2it.com Dominic Purcell says:

Purcell has also formed a strong bond with Miller. "We get on really well. He's a sweet guy, serious actor, intense, beautiful soul, old soul, old school. There's a real elegance to him, very mystical in a way, mysterious. How do you see me, grumpy and brooding?

Wow. I do believe Mr. Miller is poised to take over the world! Is this of his own design or is there a Svengali working in the shadows? Maybe he’s part of an underworld plot to control the minds of the American people? But to what end? I bet he uses some sort of hypnosis! It’s those eyes! Those damn green (and sometimes blue depending on his mood and what he’s wearing) eyes! Or is he just a pawn in some evil genius’s evil plot? I swear dear readers; Ms. GD will not rest until she uncovers the truth about his dastardly plan! If I have to give my body to him I will…That’s just how serious I am!

I swear I will have a freakin’ heart attack if I watch another tense and suspenseful as hell episode of Prison Break! Will our dashing hero rescue the comely young prison doctor in time? Will our intrepid convicts make it out of damn prison alive? Or will their plans be foiled by the psychopathic, white supremacist, serial kiddy rapist? I need to buy a defibrillator! - GD


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  1. Boriqua 11:30 PM, September 30, 2005
    I totally agree with you about Wentworth. I just blogged about him, too, actually. :-) Much to my husband's dismay.
  2. Anonymous 4:37 PM, October 06, 2005
    OMG! Wentworth is sooo gorgeous! He is a great actor too!

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