Guys galaxyMafia never wants to see again!

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Once in a while, there comes a man that you never want to meet again for as long as he lives. He's the guy that you just want to bash over the head with a Louisville Slugger. Repeatedly.
That you and this man actually have to live on the same planet is reprehensible.
If black holes were worth a damn, one would swallow this guy up.
galaxyMafia could go on but, without further ado (about much of nothing), she presents her new series (which she may or may not keep up. . .y'all do remember what happened to Tasty Monday, right. . .? Lost its flavor. Oh well, taste buds change every seven years anyway so who the hell can you sue, eh? ):


Mr. “I didn’t expect to really like you. . .”

Don’t you just love this chap.
He didn’t expect to like you, he says. This is not even a left-handed compliment. The least he could have said was that the dress looks surprisingly good on you despite your gelatinous ass. He didn’t think he would like you means he is surprised (and not necessarily pleasantly) that you are an intelligent woman, with a commanding knowledge of the English language, and a quick wit who is able to opine and expound up a wide variety of social, political and economic topics. It’s the old “icing on the cake” syndrome. You know, the man can eat cake without frosting but if there’s frosting, cool, why not, eh?

What the guy expected was to pork you, and then scram.
But upon meeting you, he discovered that you could, indeed, string three compound complex sentences together without tripping over your tongue. You know what a catalytic converter is. And you, as well, were screaming at the TV during the game last Sunday when the home team opted to run the ball instead of throwing short passes to gain yardage and advance down the field to get in good position for a field goal.

Now the guy realizes that he can actually talk to you before he porks you.

How fortuitous for him!

What a colossal waste of time for you!

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