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Let me just start by saying that I LOVE Television Without Pity! So imagine my joy when I discovered that I could now satisfy my Prison Break/Wenty Miller addiction all in one place. However (Oh you knew there would be a however didn’t you?), things are getting way out of hand on the TVWoP-WM board. I know it’s all fun and games and I enjoy it too but still, The First Church of Wentworth Miller? Really now ladies… [Giggling as I take my seat on the front pew]

Official Pretty Central Dictionary a.k.a Wentionary – Wentsters edition (Posted by witchoo)

Wenticon - the lexicon of Went, the language of P.C. or "How to tell if you are talking to a TWoPper"
Wentastic - Went + fantastic
Wentacular - Went + spectacular
Wentathon - A marathon of Went
Wenterful - Wonderful Went (see you're catching on! Good :)
Wentgasm - Involuntary orgasm due to unexpected overdose of Went. Could be caused by a single word, look or picture. Frankly anything Wentworth related. also see: mini-wentgasm
Wentgasmic - see: Polished Oak, Liquid Sex, The Voice, Blue Steele, "Here Kitty Kitty Kitty" etc. etc.
WentJr. (changed from Mini-Went to protect the innocent) - The Peen
The Swing - see above
Wentasy - fantasies of Went
OOOH - Obsessive Object of Horniness
OWD - Obsessive Wentworth Disorder
BBTP - Blinded by The Pretty ie: missing 4 minute monologue by Went to Westmoreland and having to rewind twice, perhaps three times to actually hear the dialogue. Also; accidentally crashing your car into something because your cell phone rang to the tune of the sweet dulcet tones of "it's representative of a conspiracy at the Highest Levels" - don't worry, we're all just fine.
Kitty - Need I say more?
TOTO - To Old To (be) Obsessing
Did you hear that sound? - It’s the sound of my panties slipping to the floor.
- The Swiffer Fashion Crisis
Polished Oak - The Voice, see also Liquid Sex
Mole Love - Strange, yet irrepressible desire to lick the mole, see also, Scar Love, Ear
Love, Neck Love, Peen Love
Wenthead - A WM fan.
Wentism - A WM quote.
Wentdrawal - A period without new PB episodes, pictures or gossip about WM.
Wentervention - friends, family and coworkers attempting to get you off the Went
Wentaholic - Powerfully addicted to WM
Went - fuddled - see BBTP
Wentsctacy - Bliss or rapture that comes only from viewing/discussing the Went.
Wentophile - See Prettyphile - Lover of all things Went; somebody who greatly admires Wentworth.
Crackworth Miller - He is our crack
- An involuntary reaction to the moving image and voice of WM, inducing a trance-like state of being.

And I will add: Wenty-fresh

I will cry a river of tears Novemeber 28. No more Pretty until 2006. Waaaaaaah!- GD

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  1. Boriqua 12:28 PM, November 19, 2005
    Ha! Love the Wentionary. I might have to link to that, as well, in a future post.

    FYI--He's doing Leno on Monday night. My Tivo's already set. :)

    Hi, my name is Pattie. I'm a Wentaholic. I'm TOTO who is often BPTP. I will resist any attempts at a Wentervention.

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