My New Crush!

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Pay No Attention To The White Man Behind The Gorgeous Ebony God!

Oh my Goodness!!! I am so in love.

You can’t tell here because the photograph is in black and white but Ladies, Monsieur Willy Monfret has the most beautiful blue eyes! I couldn’t download the color pictures but just trust me on this one okay? There isn’t a lot of information on him. What information there is is in French and my French is far worse than my Spanish. What I’ve been able to gather is that he was something of a track star (hurdles and sprints) before he made the transition to rugby.

But what team does he play for and what the hell is he doing now?!?!? Leaping Lizards! That bellybutton was made for licking! And the rest of his perfect, lean body? Well you know...

Mon Dieu! (That’s about the extent of my French but it is fitting, no?) – GD


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  1. anybody 7:44 PM, November 07, 2005
    Mais oui! C’est un homme magnifique!

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