Resolutions. . .Sushi Style!!!

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Well, 2006 is here and it's time, ladies, to make some New Year's Resolutions. . .forget about losing weight and giving up cigarettes. Instead, make a resolution to objectify more men!!

galaxyMafia's list of the top four types of men to objectify in 2006!!

Whether he's pretty smart like good ole "Stinky" Miller. . .or pretty damn dumb like Paul Walker, it doesn't matter. . .if the guy's pretty. . .then, make it your duty to objectify him.


Sure, he's young enough to be the little smelly, snot nosed brat you used to baby-sit but, why don't you take another look at this jail bait. Kinda gives new meaning to the "edge of seventeen" don't it. . .(Go Stevie Nicks!!)


Don't hate the pimpilicious cat daddy. . .objectify him!

Obviously, this is galaxyMafia's favorite man to objectify. . .thick and juicy like a 46 oz steak!!

copyright 2005. . .galaxyMafia sincerely hopes that you have an objectifying New Year!!!

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  1. Raqs 10:11 AM, January 05, 2006
    OMG! Such a list of hot, sexy men (except for them thar lil kiddies). Happy New Year GD and GM.

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