They Put Glamour Diva In An iMix!

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Ever wonder what songs are in rotation on Ms. GD’s Mac? You say you didn’t even know Glamour Diva owned a Mac? Well Dear Readers she does and she uses it as the world’s most expensive jukebox, radio and word processor!

So to make up for the fact that I barely use all the goodies that Macs are famous for having, I’ve decided to start a new bi-weekly (or monthly or when ever I feel like it) feature where I um…feature…a few of the over 800 and counting songs (!!!) I have loaded on my laptop. I must warn you; Ms. GD has very eclectic tastes so you could get a mixture of show tunes, acid jazz, Algerian Raï and Gregorian chants all on one playlist! The only thing I am certain of is that you won’t be bored.

But having said that I’ve decided to not grab you by the ankles and toss you into the frozen waters of Ms. GD’s strange and varied musical tastes. Instead we will begin slowly and work our way up to it…one themed playlist at a time:

My Fiona Apple Favorites

Love Stinks!

Note: You must have iTunes loaded on your computer before you can listen to the playlists. You don’t have to own a Mac Dear Readers; you only need the iTunes software. Dig it? Enjoy! – GD

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