Future Hotties Of The World Unite!

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To paraphrase Maurice Chevalier, thank heaven for little boys! Without them we wouldn’t have full-grown men to torture us with their uselessness and general stupidity! Oh I’m sorry. Do I sound bitter? Well I am but that’s another post altogether! This post is to celebrate my favorite up and coming hot ass men to be! Little boys. So young. So cute. So uncorrupted and full of promise. Where does it all go wrong? The world may never know but until some hot shot MIT grad discovers the formula we will continue to do as Jesse instructed and keep hope alive. So what are the criteria?

1. The perspective hottie must be cute.
2. The perspective hottie must have come out the other side of puberty relatively unscathed (Unlike Haley Joel Osment).
3. The perspective hottie must be under eighteen years of age because if he’s eighteen or older then he’s legally an adult so what would be the point right?

Cameron Bright
January 26, 1993

You know him as “Oleg” from Running Scared or “Jimmy/Leech” from X-Men: The Last Stand

Malcolm David Kelley
May 12, 1992

You know him as “Walt” from Lost or “Young Atwone” from Antwone Fisher

Rupert Grint
August 24, 1988

You know him as “Ron Weasley” from the Harry Potter movie series

Jeremy Sumpter
February 5, 1989

You know him as “Pete Young” from Clubhouse or “Peter” from Peter Pan

And just when you thought it couldn't get any cuter...

Everybody saw aaaaawwwwwwww! Now that's what I call CUTE!

"More energy!"

"Shut up Josh!"

L...O...freakin' L! Talk about your future hotties!

Pictures of cutie patootie little boy with pancakes found here. – GD

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