Sunday Night Videos – 3

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Still more of my favorite videos featuring fine ass men. Ready…set…WOOT!

Dance Dance Devolution!

Hot guys dancing…what more can a person ask for? Well I say loose diamonds and blue chip stocks but that’s another post altogether!

London Go-Go Boys shaking what their mothers gave them! I know dear old Mum is so very proud...

DANCE OFF! Which guy shakes his moneymaker better? Ladies and gentlemen, get your dollar bills ready!

Oracio Striptease…Oh my!

Hulk Muscle Dance

And now from the ridiculous to the, well equally ridiculous:

Oh this is cute…a bit frightening at first but cute!

My Dream Job: Ginch Gonch Fashion Shoot

And I saved the best for last! Meet Julio Montenegro, Mr. Venezuela!

Until next week Dear Readers, WOOT, WOOT, WOOOOOOOOOOT! – GD

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