Sunday Night Videos – 2

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More of my favorite videos featuring fine ass men. Yay!

Yes they’re gay but they are also hot so gaze upon them and dream about what could have been…had they not been born gay I mean…

This is kinda funny but kinda hot all at the same time. Doesn’t really matter though because he’s NAKED!

Okay Ladies (and Gentlemen?), let’s all move to Panamá! ¡Vamanos!

“How men screw up romance”? Indeed!

I friggin WISH I could do all this shizzle with the money I'd save by buying a Peugeot!

And one last visit by the Mr. Panamá 2006 contestants. This time in their formal wear!

Until next week Dear Readers…See ya, wouldn’t want to be ya! – GD

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