Things You Will Only Hear In The Ghetto

Category: By Glamour Diva & galaxyMafia
When I was leaving my house this afternoon, headed for The Alley Theatre to catch a production of Agatha Christie’s Witness For The Prosecution , I passed by my local projects and Section 8 housing and wandered into an odd conversation. A man standing on the esplanade in the middle of the street was hollin’ at a woman in an upstairs apartment on the other side of the street. The conversation went as follows:

Man In The Street: Hey, I was gone tell’uh “Thank you” fo them pig’s feet…
Woman In Apartment: Uh-huh?
MITS: …But when I saw they was Hog Maws I decided I didn’t want to lie! [Ginormous belly laugh]
WIA: You a fool boy! [Giggles and guffaws]

The traffic light soon turned green and I had to move on but I kept thinking, if I lived in a more upscale part of town would I ever hear conversations like that? Do people who live in River Oaks, West Palm Beach, Fifth Avenue or even Scranton, Ohio hold conversations like this? In the street? Yelling at the top of their lungs? No I don’t think so. Conversations like the one I heard only take place in depressed, inner city areas filled to the brim with minorities. Or do they? Maybe rich white people holler in the street about their trust funds and their lazy nannies who eat them out of house and home? I guess this Glamour Diva will never know… – GD

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