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You might remember that I wrote a few posts back that I was having serious Prison Break/Wentworth Miller withdrawals and that I’d decided to medicate myself with lots and lots of Bollywood movies? Well I’ve been doing just that and having a great time too! It has been a while since I’ve immersed myself so thoroughly in Indian Cinema. Seriously Dear Readers, at one time I’d actually begun to understand Hindi! Not that that’s bad but when I began to understand snippets from personal conversations…well, it was just a bit weird.

Many things have changed in the last few years that are cool but it was a little unnerving at first. I’m still getting used to all the mouth kissing, cursing and frank discussions/depictions of sex. Like I told the clerk at the video store, I’m not used to seeing my Indian brothers and sisters acting bad! But with the large Indian diaspora it makes since to have movies that reflect the changes in that culture. The one thing I’m glad hasn’t changed, of course, is the abundance of hot ass men folk!

Arjun Rampal

Mr. Rampal is the Keanu Reeves of India; pretty but couldn’t act his way out of a wet paper bag! But I suppose we really shouldn’t expect too much from a man who was plucked from clothing and fast food ads and dropped very ceremoniously into films…seventeen of them so far if the Internet Movie Database can be believed. Oh well! He’s pretty and that’s all that matters. Particularly here at SATS!

Akshay Kumar

I’ve just discovered this guy but I like him already! He’s handsome, tall and a competent actor but there’s something more. I suppose it’s that Je-ne-sais-quoi I here people talking so much about. Also, I’ve read that he’s quit skilled in martial arts and likes to perform his own stunts, which explains why the two movies I’ve seen him in both contained lots of fighting and rescuing the damsel. Mr. Kumar? Hollywood calling, line two!

Jimmy Shergill

Oh he’s just so awesome! He’s a wonderful actor but I prefer him in dramas as opposed to comedies. Watching him act all loopy is a real turnoff! I prefer his cool as a frozen cucumber yet quietly burning underneath persona…as long as he doesn’t speak English. The first time I heard him speak English I swear I lost most of my lust for him right on the spot! Hindi and Urdu are beautiful, melodic languages but when he speaks English he sounds like Apu from The Simpsons and that’s only cute for Apu. Dear Mr. Shergill, please hire a voice coach or speak only Hindi. My fantasies depend on it!

Amitabh Bachchan

Mr. Bachchan has been doing the acting thang since the late sixties and he is still going strong. He was even a member of India’s Parliament a while back but that’s another post altogether (click here for the transcript of his appearance on Charlie Rose). He’s been compared to Clint Eastwood and Al Pacino. He’s also been called one of the greatest actors in the world. I just love his over 60-year-old hotness! Oh and that rumbling, earth shaking baritone doesn’t hurt either…

Akshaye Khanna

Where do I start gushing about Mr. Khanna? He’s a tall, slim slimie like I likes it but he’s also an excellent actor. When I see him on the screen I think, here is a guy that I’d actually want to talk to after we had sex. He just seems so sweet and so nice! Even when he plays a bad guy the performance is so layered that you can’t help feeling sorry for that evil character. It’s also nice that he’s accepted his impending baldness. Bald guys can be hot…unless they are Jason Alexander…

And my all time favorite Bollywood Hottie is Aamir Khan

What Mr. Khan lacks in stunning good looks and height (he!) he more than makes up for in sheer talent! He is an actor, writer and producer and is notoriously uncompromising in his choice of film projects. There are actors who have been in the business less time and racked up twice as man film roles but none have his clout. Mr. Khan started as a child actor, quickly gaining the respect and love of Indian moviegoers but it wasn’t until 2001 that Hollywood took notice of him with the Academy Award’s Best Foreign Film entry, Lagaan. The film didn’t win but being nominated helped raise interest in Mr. Khan and Indian Cinema. I love his acting and I can always count on a solid performance from him. That’s why he’s my favorite Bollywood Hottie! – GD

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  1. Zohaib 2:07 AM, June 05, 2006

    haha my how many men you...admire:p

    nice space though, good read. and yes, i kind of agree with what you said about changes in bollywood being somewhat reflective of changes in society, but you have to think about what people in society are demanding too.

    i, by the way, can just BARELY stand bollywood movies:P the whole matinee culturesque feel to the movies - where even at the moodiest of times they find time to sing a song or two, kind of hits me hard with laughter. and the blatant spurts of unoriginality that crop up every once in a while. but hey, thats just life:p

    anyway take care! see you around!
  2. Zohaib 2:12 AM, June 05, 2006
    oh and i just realised my link has changed haha! sorry!


    looking forward to a reply!

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