Dude Acts Like A Lady…In Bad Drag

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There’s this guy at my job (We’ll call him Allan because that’s his name) who is the most effeminate man I’ve had the pleasure to meet in a very long time. I honestly don’t know what to make of him! Every time I see him or talk to him my gaydar starts going off like one of those European ambulance sirens! He told me he was a dancer in his native country (Not that kind of dancer you cheeky little monkeys! A ballet dancer!) which explained a lot but still…

And to make matters worse he flirts with me like non-stop people! I just want to grab him by the shoulders, shake him like a crack addict shakes her baby and yell, “Are you or aren’t you!” But alas, this type of behavior is not allowed. I tried being sneaky with him once. I asked him if he thought this other guy was attractive and he raised his eyebrows so far up I thought they would fall off the back of his head! Then he was like, “Why are you asking me that?????”, so I had to backtrack and say that what I meant was that if he were a woman would he find the other guy attractive. I know…lame.

I don’t know why this bothers me so much. I’m not attracted to him so that’s not the reason. No seriously, I am soooooo not attracted to him! The swishy stuff turns me off. I prefer my gay boys as butch as possible! As a matter of fact, I also like my gay girls as butch as possible but that’s another post altogether! To be honest I prefer tough, butchified people in general. Nothing makes me gag more than some delicate flower of a limp wrested woman prancing around, begging for help from any man she sees! So what is the problem then? Maybe I just dig him as a friend and I want to get in his business so I can satisfy my prurient interest in his life? Well yes actually that is it!

So to all you effeminate, heterosexual men out there in the blogosphere: Does it bother you to be thought of as gay? How often are you questioned about your sexuality? How do you react when men hit on you? Have you lost dates because women thought you were gay? Inquiring Divas want to know! – GD

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