Sunday Night Videos – 9

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Another Sunday…another set of videos featuring hot ass men! Well let’s not stand on ceremony people! Jump the hell in!

Raoul Bova and his hot ass!

This is hot Lebanese singer, Jad Choueri singing in Arabic and pissing off the Arabs. He’s obviously a multi-tasking, Type A personality…

Ah Ha! So the truth finally comes out!

That’s right baby…get nice and soapy! Yes you are a dirty boy aren’t you? Mmmmm…now rinse and repeat!

And now let’s check in with Venezuela where we have, yes you guessed it, more wet, soapy men!

The people on YouTube are freaks! Thank God!

I have a big surprise for you next week Dear Readers! Sunday Night Videos and Ms. GD are going High Brow! To quote Dr. Frank N. Furter, I see you shiver with antici…pation!

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