Sunday Night Videos – 8

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Hello and welcome to your one stop shopping blog for video of hot ass men! Please remember to have your WOOT! coupons ready upon check out. Yay!

I know last week was all about the rugby but I just couldn’t resist these two, sweet videos!

Pretty models playing games…

Les Garçons dans les Vestiaires (The Boys In The Locker-room) by Clarika (You frisky little pony!)

Okay people, I’m carrying myself to Switzerland right fast and in a hurry!

Korea got somethin’ fo yo ass! More ass of course!

And speaking of ass…

I like a man who knows how to handle up on the ash but this is bordering on OCD!

And finally:

Who knew condoms could be so…useful?

Until next week Dear Readers, have fun, be safe and always use a condom/dental dam! – GD

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