I’d Still Hit It! – Deel Vier

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Jerry Collins – Professional rugby player and fulltime badass for the Wellington Hurricanes/Lions and the New Zealand All Blacks .

Oh Jerry…Jerry…Jerry…you are the very personification of the term "Moped" and yet Ms. GD still finds herself thinking about all the rough, naked hijinks the two of us could get up to. Ms. GD knows you could turn her out Jerry; you just have that look about you. She bets you talk a lot of shit too. Many women can’t appreciate a good shit talker but Ms. GD can. Oh yes she can! Ms. GD loves a lot of nasty talk and she can give as good as she receives! Ms. GD knows you’re up to the challenge Jerry and she thinks it would go something like this:

JC: [holding my face, smiling] So what you wanna do baby? [Looking down towards his crotch] You think you ready for all this?
Me: I think the question is, are you ready for all this?
JC: Oh I’m a man baby and a man is always prepared!
Me: I thought boy scouts were always prepared?
JC: [chuckling] They are and I was a boy scout…trust me, I know how to get a fire going in that warm, damp little box of yours! You’ll go from cold to volcanic in 60 seconds!
Me: Oh my DAMN!
JC: Come closer baby. Every queen needs a thrown and yours is right here...on my face! Have a seat!
Me: Oh LAWD! [Quickly takes a seat, eyes rolling back in head] Talk that shit you big…sexy…sonofabitch!

Yes Mr. Collins isn’t the prettiest pony in the stable (That honor belongs to Ma'a Nonu) but he’s strong, has tons of stamina and he won’t buck Ms. GD off before she's, uh...finished her ride. Therefore, with the right amount of alcohol (And no prying eyes or surveillance devices), I’d Still Hit It!

The softer side of JC as demonstrated on a local NZ morning show…

Well Dear Readers, let’s hope that when JC reads this (And we know he will) he still has his sense of humor intact! Now on to find more homely, yet strangely alluring men... – GD

Bottom two sets of pics found here

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  1. Overwhelmed Naija Babe 5:02 PM, October 16, 2006
    lmao girl.. you always crack me up... Great post 4sure...
  2. beautyinbaltimore 12:39 AM, October 17, 2006
    I would hit it too.
  3. Sex and the Sushi 7:29 PM, October 17, 2006
    OH MY! JC has a new "fan"? LOL I think he'd be sooooo proud!

    Ms. GD

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