Sunday Night Videos – 29

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Welcome Dear Readers to another edition of SNV, the last one for 2006! I’ve been more than a little lazy of late so I was thrilled when galaxymafia suggested the theme for this week’s entry – the “Heizman” dance craze! We are determined to master this new dance if it’s the last thing we do Dear Readers. Actually, seeing as how I’ve yet to master the Harlem Shuffle or the Electric Slide the outlook on me learning this dance doesn’t look hopeful. But wait! I can do the Lean Wit It, Rock Wit It, the Southside and Lil’ John’s Snap Yo Fingers so I’m gonna keep hope alive ya’ll. In the meantime, enjoy these clips of the new dance sensation that’s sweeping the nation! WOOT! WOOT! and do dat Heizman on dat Ho!

The Original and still champion!

The girls can do it too ya’ll!

As Luke would say…Gi…gi…gi…git it guuuuurl!

Detroit in da “Heizman” house!

Damn. White boys do fuck up everything yo! They couldn’t catch the beat with a net and a bear trap but it’s funny…

Damn but they are worse than the white boys…and I didn’t think ANYONE could be worse than those white boys! DAMN!

As I’ve written so many times before, I love my Dear Readers so stay safe, don’t drink and drive and have a very happy New Year! - GD

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