Lovin' That Canada Love!

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What an awesome way to start the year Dear Readers! The Sushi Girls have found yet another fabulous “Sister In Arms” to join our Political Action Committee – Ladies For The Unbridled Lust and Appreciation of Rugby Players! Her name is Debalina and she is the awesomeist because she reads our blog…*cough*…loves Polynesian rugby players and drops us very sweet notes of praise with pressies attached! So without further ado please read Debalina’s lovely email:

Date: Mon, 1 Jan 2007 17:03:29 -0500
From: Debalina
To: the_sushi_diaries@yahoo.com
Subject: Sex and the Sushi blog props!!!!!!


I have recently become OBSESSED with NZ rugby players. My faves are Sione Lauaki and Ma'a Nonu. Being a girl from Toronto, Canada, there are no men here that look like that! I just wanted to say thanks for your hilarious blog....and I will be reading it very regularly!

Also, please thank Natalina for me. That shirtless pic of Ma'a Nonu is the greatest of all time. It has made 2007 for me. Where did she get that pic?

Take care!!


Hmmm…we aren’t too sure about this pic babes. The Nonu looks none too pleased to be in the company of the young man with the unfortunate case of redeye. Nonetheless we can’t deny the sheer and utter beauty that is The Nonu! Sigh…

Happy New Year Dear Readers and to Debalina - You ROCK! – The Sushi Girls

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